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Freshmen Intro Day

Class of 2027

We eagerly await the arrival of our new freshmen and extend a warm welcome to Fairview High School. Embarking on a new educational journey can be a mix of excitement and challenges, but rest assured, we will keep you well-informed about essential events, information, and important dates.

Here is some general information about the commencement of the 2023-24 school year. However, be sure to visit our website for the latest updates on specific Fairview events and schedules, including the First Day of School Event and the Student Picture Day

Welcome FHS Freshmen!

Freshmen don't need to bring lunch or school supplies to the first day of school!
We will be providing them with a pizza lunch.

What should my freshman bring on the first day of school? Water bottle

What will they be doing on the first day of school? They will be getting oriented to FHS! They will be led by their amazing 360 Leaders the whole day. They will receive their schedules today. There will be a pizza lunch provided so all they need is their water bottle for day 1. Your freshman will also get their ID.

Drop Off/Pick Up If you are dropping your Freshman off at FHS you need to drive through the 'senior lot' and stop in the drop off location indicated there. You can find the 'senior lot' on the west side of the front of the school.

You will NOT be able to drop off or pick up in the pull in area [called the horseshoe at FHS] in front of the school.

The FHS IDs are important. They give your freshman [and everyone else enrolled at FHS] access to the building during the day. So remind your freshman to keep that on them at all times.


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