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Campus Parking: A Privilege to Cherish, Not a Right

  • Any student who is eligible, may drive to school and park on city streets, while complying with City of Boulder parking and speed ordinances.
  • Fairview High School is not liable for any damage that occurs on or off school property if a student chooses to drive to school.
  • Students are not allowed to park in spaces designated for visitors or staff.
  • Students must not park in, nor drive through, the parking lots of the neighboring condominium complexes or churches adjacent to the school.
  • Please be respectful of the residents and their properties.
  • Seniors may purchase a year-long permit for $50. The permits are available in limited numbers and are available to purchase in August for the following school year. Vehicles in the senior parking lot must display the senior parking permit. Visitors may not park in the neior lot; it is senior permit holders only.


senior parking 2024/2025

Senior Parking (Alternate Vehicle Check In)

If, for some reason, you drive a different vehicle than the one registered, please register your second vehicle to avoid a parking ticket at Fairview. Use the QR code below to seamlessly check in your alternate vehicle and make your commute as smooth as possible.



The revenue generated from sales will be used for various purposes, including:

- Restriping of lots
- Positive behavioral discipline program (gift cards)
- Student and staff events throughout the year
- Campus Safety Monitor safety needs
- Electronic safety needs for the front desk
- Safety Drill supplies
- Spirit wear shirts for the students throughout the year

We are thrilled about the upcoming senior year and look forward to an amazing time!

Thank you,
Mr. Sutter



FHS SENIOR PARKING PAYMENT ( no longer accepting payments)