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Greetings to the Class of 2024!

class of 2024

 Welcome to your senior year at Fairview High School!

As we begin the new academic year, we want to remind all students that  STUDENT IDs are required for entry into the building. 

For returning students, if your ID has been lost or misplaced, don't worry! Our helpful Security team will happily reprint a new one for you. Please keep in mind that there is a $5 replacement cost associated with ID reprints. So, let's make sure to have our IDs ready every day and start this year on the right foot!

Seniors, remember that your counselors are here to assist you. Make sure to check out the FHS Counseling Website for essential information regarding Graduation Requirements, as well as College & Career Planning.

Your Complete Guide to Senior Year!

Explore the Complete Guide to Senior Year for the Class of 2024 at Fairview High School! From important dates and events to graduation requirements and senior traditions, this comprehensive resource provides everything you need to make the most of your final year. Stay informed, stay organized, and make unforgettable memories as you navigate this exciting journey towards graduation!

2023-2024 Important Senior Dates and Graduation Information

  • The Yearly Events page provides all the information needed for the important events that will take place during the year pertaining dances, senior exclusive activities, graduation, etc.
  • Click here for Important Senior Dates and Graduation Information ( Coming up in April, 2024)


Prom party, students dancing


Ready to relive the magic of Prom Night? Click here and here to view all the unforgettable moments captured in our photo gallery. From glamorous poses to candid laughs, it's all there waiting for you! Don't miss out on the memories. ✨💃🕺 #PromNightMagic


Volunteer Parent Prom Venue Council

Parents, if you would like to be a part of the Parent Prom Venue Council, please email TJ Strasser, STUCO Teacher. Parents on the council each year will help advise STUCO with prom venues that can hold our extra large population of students and staff for our 2026 and 2027 proms.  If you are passionate about keeping our Fairview prom close to Boulder, we need your expertise and support in this parent council.

Please reach out to TJ Strasser - if you are interested.

Thank you!


Your Roadmap to a Successful Year Ahead!

Student ID's /Access Cards

All Fairview students are issued an identification badge. Students must have their Fairview student ID badge to scan in for admission at the entrance doors of the school building, and to board school buses. They must have their ID with them every day at school, and at all school activities. Pictures are taken during registration/schedule pick-up. Replacement ID cards are printed in the counseling center, the replacement cost $10. Activity passes may be purchased for IDs which will allow student access into all Fairview-sponsored activities.

  • Students will have the opportunity to take their picture for their school ID (9th grade and new students only) and yearbook.
  • All incoming 10th -12th graders need to keep / use their ID’s until they graduate. 
  • Please be sure to be school appropriate in your ID pictures (no costumes, wigs, etc) and do not alter your appearance as these pictures are important to identify students on a daily basis and are important for security purposes.