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Welcome Freshmen and Freshmen Parents information page

We are excited to have you and your teen at Fairview High School!

We know that starting a new school can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, challenging, and a lot of questions may arise.Please, check the FRESHMEN PARENT RESOURCE menu below to answer some of your questions.

BVSD Students Rights & Responsibilities 

Freshmen Parent Resource

student id's

All Fairview students are issued an identification badge. Students must have their Fairview student ID badge to scan in for admission at the entrance doors of the school building, and to board school buses. They must have their ID with them every day at school, and at all school activities. Pictures are taken during registration/schedule pick-up. Replacement ID cards are printed in the counseling center, the replacement cost $10. Activity passes may be purchased for IDs which will allow student access into all Fairview-sponsored activities.

  • Students will have the opportunity to take their picture for their school ID (9th grade and new students only) and yearbook.
  • All incoming 10th -12th graders need to keep / use their ID’s until they graduate. 
  • Please be sure to be school appropriate in your ID pictures (no costumes, wigs, etc) and do not alter your appearance as these pictures are important to identify students on a daily basis and are important for security purposes.


FreshmEn Seminar

Freshmen seminar is a course designed to promote a successful transition between middle school and high school. Taught by Fairview teachers and Knight Crew students, the course provides 9th grade students with the opportunities for academic enrichment and assistance, as well as the chance to improve organizational and communication skills.

Since every freshmen is in a seminar class, and the classes are smaller, it gives us the perfect venue for sharing information, touching base with goals and grades, and participating in common school activities. Seminar also provides future planning, course selection, progress monitoring, building independent learners and student self efficacy.

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FreshmEn Seminar Contact

Lynn Adams-Bruno


Phone:  720-561-3399

Room: 455 (Fairview Resource Center- Back Corner of the Library)

Hours of Operation: 8:00-3:55 PM