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Fairview Parents Organization (FPO)

fairview parents at breakfast with teachers

Fairview Parent Organization (FPO) is a non-profit parent organization dedicated to providing support to the entire Fairview community and staff.

FPO serves four main purposes:

• Teacher Classroom grants  FPO spends over $30,000 each year supporting the needs of our teachers in their classrooms. FPO grants have benefited every department over the years. In the Fall of 2022 FPO gave $5000 to science for equipment, $5000 to choir to assist in the perchase of a performance grade sound system, $3000 to band for music stands and desks, $2000 to culinary arts for new kitchen supplies, $1250 to the technology committee, $3000 to support our LatinX programs, $1500 for new computers in the Career and Counseling Center, $4500 to the PE department to cover programs and equipment and several smaller amounts to LA, Couseling, Special Ed, Consumer Sciences. Click on the files link to the left to find a complete list of the classroom grants awarded over the years.

• School Events--FPO organizes and pays for many school events  Freshman pizza lunch on the first day of school  Freshman Parent Night  Senior Picnic  Coffees with the Principal

• Teacher and Staff support  Parent Teacher conference dinners  Holiday Breakfast and Cookie exchange  End of Year Retirement Breakfast  Retirement gifts Professional Development--FPO offers financial assistance to teachers seeking additional training during their summer monts. Lists of those grants also available in the files

• School programs  Knight Crew  Freshman Seminar

FPO is a 501(c)(3). For a financial reports for the last two school years click on the files link at the left.

FPO is run by a volunteer parent board. We meet quarterly and meetings are open to any interested parent. Current members of the FPO board are:

Team Member Role Email
  Michi Sakurai   Current President     
  Renae Foxhoven

  Outgoing President
  Shel Gerding   Treasurer
  Sarah Danford   Secretary  
  Laura Seigenfeld &   
  Sue Pitkin
  Jen Stanzel &
  Heidi Phan
If you have any questions regarding the FPO, volunteer opportunities, donations or employee matching, please contact FPO Current President: Michi Sakurai,