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Moving Forward

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The purpose of this club is to provide support and guidance for students. Help with their classes and/or but not limited to planning for the future. It will help them discover interests, career paths, and build positive study/organizational habits. It will introduce them to others with similar interests so they can find a supportive community in and outside of Fairview.
Membership of this club looks a quite different from other clubs. You can apply for a mentorship position or just drop in for assistance when you need it!

Jimmy (not real) here hopes to join the Air Force some day. But, he doesn't really know how. Jimmy joins the FHS Moving Forward club and meets with other students and teachers. He discovers that there are other students with similar goals as him! Jimmy is now part of a community of kids with similar goals. Jimmy meets with students who are "experts" in his particular career goals. Jimmy is given a list of recommended things to do, (what organizations to join, what extracurriculars to do, who to talk to, different career paths within the Air Force), and now Jimmy knows exactly what to do to accomplish his career goal. FHS Moving Forward also connects him with people who were or are currently in the Air Force, so that he can make sure that this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

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For more info, contact our president, Haska, or our advisor, Eshan.

Haska Begovic-Nichols - - 415-818-5546

Eshan Kulkarni - - 720-628-9949


Haska Begovic-Nichols


Meets: Weekly on Thursday from 3:30-4:30pm
Virtual-Until all school is 100% in person

Darnell, Deb