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Children's Hospital Help Club

Welcome to the Children's Hospital Help Club

Volunteering in a hospital setting gives you the opportunity to see the impact of pediatric healthcare up close.

You’ll also meet many different people and get experience working with a team. Our team includes people in clinical roles, like doctors, nurses, and therapists, and nonclinical roles like finance, information technology, and human resources professionals.

It takes all kinds of people to run a children’s hospital. Everyone plays a role in our mission—seeing this firsthand can help you explore potential paths for your own career or education


  • Volunteer hours

  • Connections in the pediatric field

  • Help kids

  • Learn about fundraising

  • Scholarship opportunities

  •  We assign you to activities based on our needs and your interests. These may include organizing events for families

  • Talk to children

  • Get sponsor

  • Fill out the volunteer form

  • Decide when its possible to go and volunteer

  • How to fundraise