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Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is an easily accessible and safe space on campus that offers students mental health support and promotes social-emotional wellness. 

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The Wellness Center is a safe and supportive space where students can rest and recharge, connect with their peers or talk with a Mental Health Advocate about their feelings and experiences. 

One goal of the Wellness Center is to show that early intervention matters – recognizing and addressing mental health concerns early can make a significant difference in a student’s life. 


Benefits of the Wellness Center

Benefits of Wellness Centers include increase in attendance, increase in positive school culture, teaching students self-regulation skills, teaching students how to solve problems, reduction of negative behaviors, and simultaneously a decrease in discipline and increase in restorative practices.

The Wellness Center will help promote mental health awareness and education in our school community and reduce stigma associated with seeking mental health services.
Wellness Centers offer opportunities for students to develop sensory and emotional regulation skills, teach self sufficiency, and effective coping skills for responding to stress, anxiety, and trauma responses 


Learn About Fairview's Wellness Center !


Name: Tess Amer
Mental Health Advocate and
STS - Student Success


Room: 853

Phone: 720-561-4030

Hours: 8:35 a.m to 3:55 p.m daily, even during access

How BVSD Wellness Centers support student resilience

A safe space to spend your off-period, a refuge during an anxiety attack, a place to connect with your friends – these are just a few of the reasons students are visiting Wellness Centers across Boulder Valley School District. Click here to learn more.

We encourage you to visit the Wellness Center and encourage your child(ren) to visit the room as well during lunch, off periods, or anytime they feel they need a break. Thank you to the BVSD foundation, Impact on Education, for providing the funding to open our Wellness Center!

Tess Amer, LPCC, NCC
Fairview Mental Health Advocate