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Number Theory Club

A list that ranks various numbers from 1-100 in order of how "cool" they are
A diagram of the Golden Ratio spiral

Welcome to Number Theory Club!

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What is number theory you ask? It is essentially the study of patterns and relationships between numbers, especially of the natural numbers (1,2,3...)

We will look into topics that are not generally covered in standard math classes (and are way more interesting). A few of the topics we will cover are primes, modular arithmetic, cryptography, and factorization. No prior experience is required! We will start simple and go from there!

What we will do:

  1. Kahoots!
  2. Mini Competitions!
  3. Riddles!
  4. Proofs! (But only cool ones)
    Led by the one and only 
    The letters "C C" on a background of a Minecraft dirt texture


Clyde Kertzer

(303) 601-0860

Meets: Thursday @ 2:00

Make sure to join the Club Discord!

Hickman, Aaron



Proof that the sum of all natural number = -1/12

Week 1 Kahoot