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Ignite Fairview

A student gives a speech on in a darkened auditorium
Multiple students stand in a line onstage.
The ignite Fairview logo, which is the words "Ignite Fairview" with stylized wires coming off of the words

Ignite Fairview is an annual event in which Fairview students give enlightening, 5-minute TED-Talk style presentations to the community on topics which they are passionate about.

**Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this year's event will be held in mid-March either in-person or virtually, depending on the situation. If we are able to hold an in-person event, the audience will be charged a $10 admission fee and all proceeds will go to the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County. If the event is held virtually, we will not be charging an entrance fee, but we will still be accepting donations.

Interested in speaking at this year's Ignite? Fill out this year's Speaker Interest Form


Mia Kantorovich

Nieb, Karen