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Schedule Changes

Schedule Change Policy 2023-2024

Schedule concerns will be addressed starting Thursday, 8/17/23

Schedule changes will be completed in person only.  Please do not email your counselor to request a schedule change, instead, come into the counseling office during your scheduled free period. 
Counselors strive to balance class sizes before school begins. Classes will not be overloaded to make a schedule change. 
Below are the appropriate reasons to request a schedule change:
  • Seniors who need a course to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • Students who need to drop a course that has already been taken for credit.
  • Students who wish to drop a course. (Reminder: All students must have at least 6 courses.)
  • Students who are placed in the incorrect academic level can request a change.
  • Students can add classes for the first 5 days of school if there are seats available during a current free period. Schedules cannot be “rearranged” to accommodate adding classes.
We will not be able to change schedules for the following reasons:
  • Requests for specific off periods (we cannot honor these requests)
  • Lunch switches
  • Teacher changes
  • Requests for a current class to be moved to a different period

Schedule change dates:

Drops begin Thursday 8/17/23

Clean drops through 8/31/23 (the class will be dropped and never appear on your transcript)

WP/WF drops from 9/1/23 - 9/29/23 (the class will appear on your transcript with a WP or WF depending on if you were passing or failing the class when you dropped - this does not impact your GPA)

Drops after 9/30/23 will receive an “F” on your transcript


Academic Placement Changes:

Academic Placement Changes (example: from LA 9 to PIB LA 9) will be considered from Thursday 8/17/23 - Friday 9/29/23.

How are these dates chosen?

  • Clean drops are available for the first two weeks of school and after Back to School Night (8/28)

  • WP/WF drops and Academic Placement Changes are available until after Parent Teacher Conferences (9/18-9/21)