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Fairview Honors Program: IB and AP

Fairview High School Honors Program: A Path to Personal Growth and Academic Excellence

Honors college program AP/IB
Fairview High School offers motivated students the most comprehensive honors program available in the Boulder Valley School District. With an emphasis on flexibility, the Fairview Honors Program allows students to select among International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and other advanced offerings to chart an individual path suited to their own goals and talents. The eight-period school day allows students to take more electives.
Fairview's honors courses have long attracted students across the district who seek an environment of friendly support and stimulating coursework with classmates and teachers who share their excitement for learning. Along with Fairview’s strong athletic and fine arts programs, the honors program promotes an environment of self-discovery and personal growth.
The customized approach to IB/AP enables students to craft schedules that provide appropriate academic challenge while allowing them freedom to pursue their passions. The IB/AP combination is particularly advantageous for students seeking admission to selective colleges, which attach great weight to the rigor of the student's academic program. The IB/AP combination maximizes the possibility of earning credit or advanced standing at many American colleges and universities. The IB Diploma is recognized by leading universities worldwide as a significant academic distinction.
In addition, students have numerous opportunities to receive honors and participate in competitions at Fairview, in our community, and nationally. Details at Honors, Awards, and Competitions

Fairview Honors Program

Fairview offers a really unique honors program, one where students can mix traditional courses with portions of the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs. It is designed to allow students to craft ideal curricular pathways suited for individual goals and interests.

For those new to Fairview, the following documents will be helpful in orienting you to the program, and hopefully answer your most pressing questions.

Welcome Message from the Director

IB in their own words

AP in their own words


Contact the Honors Program Office Our office is here to help you navigate the many choices for advanced study.

Office hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm daily

Phone Number: 720-561-5868


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