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Graduation Requirements (BVSD & IB Diploma)

The BVSD graduation requirements are designed to give you a well-balanced program. Fairview offers many choices in academic classes and electives so you can explore and develop your own interests and abilities while fulfilling these requirements.
Through the Freshman Seminar program, ICAP, and the FHS Counseling Curriculum, you receive an abundance of information and guidance to help you achieve your academic, personal, and post-secondary goals. Counselors will periodically meet with you to review graduation and college entrance requirements plus course offerings for the next year.
YOU are ultimately responsible for planning your own high school curriculum with guidance from counselors, teachers, and your parents.
STAY ORGANIZED and use the Credit Checker Worksheet and Four Year Planning Worksheet to help you keep track of your credits for graduation.

To meet BVSD graduation requirements, students must have evidence of completion of a free, online course in Money Management and Personal Finance in grades 6-12.

At Fairview High School, students have two options in order to fulfill this graduation requirement:

OPTION 1: Each of the following FHS courses satisfy this requirement:
  • B41S Business Marketing Essentials

  • B105S Principles of Marketing

  • H54 Life Management

  • I27 IB Business and Management SL

  • I29 IB Business Management (HL)

  • I105 IB/AP Economics

  • T74 Economics

OPTION 2: Students can also meet this requirement through completion of a no cost online course, offered by My Colorado Journey and Enrich Financial Wellness Courses.
  • Go to Enrich Financial Wellness

  • Click the Sign Up button to create a free account.

  • You must complete ALL courses.

  • Once all of the courses have been completed, you will need to log into your account and show your counselor