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Grad+is a brand new BVSD initiative designed to increase high school students’ postsecondary opportunities in both higher education and workplace arenas.  Delineated into four quadrants, Grad+ consists of a series of programs -- some of which are already well known (AP, IB, etc.), some of which have existed for some time but not everyone knows about them (Seal of Biliteracy, etc.), and some of which are brand new and have yet to make it to the Fairview campus (Concurrent Enrollment, etc.). I’m here to help expand and grow that process by systematizing programs that are already offered at Fairview, bringing in new programs, and working with and supporting students, staff and the greater Fairview community with anything Grad+ related. 

grad plus


Vanessa Carroll
Grad+ site lead
Office rm. 451; extension 3243 (FHS)
Monarch High School Grad+ Site Lead
Office rm. B107; extension 4217 (MHS)


 BVSD’s Grad+ site 

Bilingualism is a super power. The Seal of Biliteracy is available fo a wide variety of languages
Career and Technical Education course can be a pathway industry certificates that  employees value. We are seeking to increase the number of industry certifications awarded in BVSD.
Work-based learning includes a wide number of  internships, apprenticeships, mentorships and opportunities to learn about various careers, etc.