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Four Year Course Planning & NAVIANCE

Follow the grade-by-grade descriptions below on how students will obtain information on planning courses for their four years at Fairview.

What tools are available to help me plan?


This software tool is used by freshman to list their planned courses for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. It is also an important tool used for the college searching and application process.

Course Description Guide

This contains helpful four-year flow charts per subject area plus lists ALL of the courses offered at Fairview. Use this to guide your decisions regarding pre-requisites and planning for subsequent years.

Four Year Planning Worksheet

Use this to map out the best course opportunities for you during your four years at Fairview. Note that in 9th grade, Naviance will be used by students to create an initial four-year course plan that is reviewed every year.

Credit Checker Worksheet

Enter your plan for taking required courses for graduation on this worksheet. First, save it to your computer, then fill out and save for your records.