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Fairview High School Academic Departments

Fairview High School offers a diverse range of academic departments, each dedicated to fostering students' intellectual growth and passion for learning. From the captivating world of science to the captivating world of science to the profound insights of literature and the expressive canvas of the arts, our departments provide a rich and engaging educational experience. Whether you're delving into the complexities of mathematics, exploring historical events that have shaped our world, or honing your creative talents in performing arts, Fairview High School's academic departments are committed to empowering students with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a deep appreciation for the subjects they study. Join us on this educational journey as we inspire and prepare our students for a bright and successful future.






Fairview has 120 extensively qualified teachers, boasting an average of 14 years of professional teaching experience, 79 holding master's degrees, and 7 with doctorates. The faculty at FHS are committed to upholding a longstanding tradition of offering challenging academic programs, including both college preparatory and advanced curricula, tailored to each student's needs. The educators at Fairview High School are strongly committed to fostering their students' academic growth, providing numerous resources to support their efforts. Ultimately, our teachers strive to prepare each student to achieve significant success in an increasingly competitive global environment.