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Course Selection Information

The Course Selection Process is an important part of the high school experience.  Fairview High School Teachers and Counselors are involved in providing recommendations and advice for students in terms of what classes might be a good fit for them, will meet their graduation requirements, will meet college entrance requirements, and will allow them to explore their interests.  The process of choosing classes is a collaborative process between students, parents, teachers, and counselors. What students choose to take also directly impacts what classes are offered at FHS, so it is very important that students are thoughtful and spend time thinking about what classes they really want to take.  Schedule changes will be difficult to accommodate in the future.  The course selection window in February and March is the timeframe for students to really think about what classes they want to take in the following year.



Select your courses thoughtfully. We build our master schedule based on our students’ course requests. If you change your mind about your course selection, there may not be room in your preferred classes after the master schedule has been created. It’s critical to know and  understand teacher recommendations in making your course selections. Be sure you include your teachers in planning your schedule for next school year.

For the 23-24 school year, ALL students, including juniors and seniors, are required to enroll in at least six classes. Six classes are mandatory to fulfill the CDE (Colorado Department of Education) instructional minutes requirements

This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of our many Grad+ options. Please, find here the Grad+ Coffee with the Principal presentation shared with families last week. The Grad+ Coffee with the Principal presentation slides contain links to helpful course planning resources. For more information, please contact your counselor or our Fairview Grad+ site lead, Vanessa Carroll at 

High school is the perfect time to explore and cultivate your passions, talents, and interests! Fairview is known for its excellence in academics, arts, and athletics, which you will find reflected in our many core and elective course offerings.


Course Description Guide

The Course Description Guide contains detailed information on all of the courses offered at Fairview High School.  It also contains information about typical academic pathways and guides for what class leads to an AP or IB test and what classes provide college credit.  The Course Description Guide provides a detailed description of each class, what grade levels can take which classes, prerequisites or corequisites for classes, etc. We hope you will use this resource as you choose your classes.