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Graduation Ceremony Students 2022/2023

Fairview High School students have a wide variety of course choices and ways in which they can be taken in order to meet graduation requirements and prepare for post-secondary education. This section will provide information about graduation requirements, class offerings, academic support, and alternative ways to take classes during the high school years. You will want to work with your counselor, teachers, and parents in making the final decisions.


Fairview High School places a very high emphasis on the academic success and emotional well-being of all students. Various programs, for all levels of learners, challenge each FHS student to reach his/her/their maximum potential. FHS ensures students  are well-equipped with the academic skills that allow them to follow their own unique academic pursuits and extracurricular endeavors during high school and beyond. 

Fairview High School offers students one of the most comprehensive honors programs available in Colorado. With an emphasis on flexibility, the Fairview Honors Program allows  students to select among International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and  other advanced offerings to chart an individual path suited to their own goals and talents.  The eight-period school day allows students to take more electives. Fairview’s honors courses  have long attracted students who seek an environment of friendly support and stimulating  classes, with classmates and teachers who share their excitement for learning. The customized approach to IB/AP enables students to craft schedules that provide  appropriate academic challenge while allowing them freedom to pursue their passions. The  IB/AP combination is particularly advantageous for students seeking admission to selective  colleges, which attach great weight to the rigor of the student’s academic program. The IB/AP  combination and concurrent enrollment classes offered at FHS maximizes the possibility of  earning credit or advanced standing at many American colleges and universities. The IB  Diploma is recognized by leading universities worldwide as a significant academic  distinction. 


As a student at Fairview High School, there are many opportunities to follow your interests and take classes outside of our school earning graduation credits as well as possible college credits. For more information, please contact the counseling office.

Academic Programs

Fairview's Academic Programs and Pathways are designed to assist in selecting the courses that will enable our students to succeed in high school.

Special Classes

Our students can benefit from a variety of specialized classes specifically tailored to meet their individual needs.

Student Support ServicesWe provide support to students through a variety of groups and services, including tutoring, counseling, and career advising.



  • Each Academic Department at Fairview has its own page listing information about the department, course listings, teaching staff, and graduation requirements. 
  • The Course Catalog is also available as a resource listing all the courses offered at Fairview this school year as well as next school year.