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Peter Szameitat

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This is my 12th year teaching science at Fairview. I love all things science, problem solving, and skill building. Expect lots of projects, math, maybe some programming (in chem/phys). I'm a human too. I've lived through adversity (brain injury, widower).  I understand that other things are always going on in life. Be real, advocate for yourself (talk to me!).

     When I'm not teaching you'll find me riding around town on my e-bike, playing board games with my friends and family, woodworking or gardening at home, or at an activity for one of my three daughters.   
     I'm also the organizer for the Fairview Institute. If you've got a cause that you're passionate about, consider joining us so we can work together making a difference. You'll find the links just to the right. -->

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