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Annabelle Merg

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Greetings earthlings! This year is going to be a stellar year of science. Think of all the incredible and challenging things we're going to learn! So many questions! So many connections!

Some background on me: I'm originally from Wisconsin and have degrees in neuroscience, environmental science, and classics (ancient Greece and Rome) from the University of Wisconsin. I worked in a neuroscience research lab and at Planned Parenthood before deciding to pursue education. From there I earned a Masters in Education from the University of Colorado and a Doctorate in Education from the University of South Carolina. This is my 7th year teaching at Fairview and I feel so lucky to have a career that I deeply love.

Outside of school I read (Dune! The Code Book! Deadly Education!), play board games (Terraforming Mars! Bunny Kingdom! Search for Planet X!), travel (Rome! Kenya! Scotland!), eat good food (tiramisu! sushi! pastries!) and hang with my friends and family.

Please come and see me if you have any questions or just want to talk. I'd be happy to see you! I'm free during my off periods and before and after school by appointment and during access time in room 408.

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