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Bradford "Chef Cheyne" Keith

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Chef Cheyne has been teaching in the BVSD since 2001.  He has worked as a LA teacher, a librarian, and a culinary arts instructor.  With a master's degree in educational technology and a life of educating both school children and culinary apprentices -- Chef Cheyne is ready to share his experience at Fairview. Concurrent with his teaching, Chef Cheyne is a still-working chef, catering events of all sizes. Since the mid-1970's he has worked at well over 30 restaurants, here and abroad, and graduated from the world's greatest culinary academy: The Culinary Institute of America. 
His daughter is a FHS graduate and his son is still enrolled.  He has a passion for all "typical" Boulder outdoor sports and loves world travel, baseball, motorcycling, cats, yoga, and all things Denmark (including his wife of 22 years!).

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