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Explore the Essence of Fairview High School

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Embark on a journey into the world of Fairview High School, where an evening of fascination and enlightenment awaits in the Castle. Discover what makes Fairview an Unparalleled Tradition of Excellence!

Discover Fairview: Explore Our Showcase & Future Events!

Thank you for attending Fairview HS Showcase Knight! We appreciate your interest. Scroll down to explore our presentation and discover what Fairview High School has to offer.

Showcase Overview

At Fairview High School's showcase, our community cares about the four pillars of excellence. Fairview is a place for all to thrive, and we invite you to join us in celebrating these pillars that define our commitment to excellence

Come learn about Fairview's four pillars of excellence and experience a community that cares.

Key Features of the Event:
  • Knights Academics: 50+ AP and IB Courses: Discover an array of academic opportunities at Fairview High School, where students can choose from a diverse range of courses to meet graduation requirements and prepare for post-secondary education. Explore graduation requirements, class offerings, academic support, and alternative learning pathways with guidance from counselors, teachers, and parents.


  • Athletics: Fairview High School's renowned athletics program spans various disciplines, promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and excellence while competing within the Colorado High School Activities Association, fostering a supportive community for students to develop skills and create lasting sports memories.


  • Arts: Discover art at Fairview High School, where students explore various disciplines like visual arts, music, theater, and more, expanding their contemporary art language through critiques and hands-on creativity. Celebrate our students' diverse talents and artistic expressions with us! 


  • Activities: With over 65 clubs created by our Knights, Fairview's vibrant campus thrives with an array of clubs catering to every student's passions and interests. Our school believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals and fostering a sense of community through our diverse club offerings. 


Connect with the Fairview Community, a Place for all to Thrive. Seize the opportunity to engage with our dedicated administrators, passionate educators, accomplished coaches, supportive parents, and enthusiastic students.

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Prepare for an unforgettable evening that illuminates the magic of Fairview High School and showcases an Unparalleled Tradition of excellence.

 We eagerly anticipate your presence!