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Mission & Vision

 Our Mission

    Fairview's mission, aligns with the mission of Boulder Valley School District, which is to  create challenging, meaningful and engaging learning opportunities so that all children thrive and are prepared for successful, civically engaged lives.

 our Vision

100% of Fairview Students will be successful based on our core values:
  • Realize Potential: We believe in the worth and potential of every student.
  • Integrity: Fairview holds high standards for all aspects of individual behavior, including accepting responsibility for one’s own successes and failures, as well as an understanding of how our actions affect others.
  • Lifelong Learning: We will encourage a love of learning by establishing an environment that creates a natural curiosity, promotes a joy of learning, and fosters achievement.
  • Whole Person: We acknowledge and support each community member’s mental and physical, social and emotional balance between school responsibility and personal lives.
  • Community: Fairview community demonstrates citizenship through altruism, inclusiveness, collaboration, and open communication among parents, students, staff and community members.