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Coffee with the Principal

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This gathering is an excellent opportunity for us to take an hour to facilitate connections and conversations that help us work together to support our Fairview Knights. All meetings begin with an opportunity for parents to connect, followed by Coffee Talk where guest speakers present on a featured topic important to our community, and concluding with a Q & A where our presenter(s) will answer any questions you have about our Coffee Talk topic.

Coffee with the Principal is a focused discussion on our specific topic. Please, be prepared to honor this meeting norm. For general questions, comments, or concerns about Fairview or specifically for the principal, please email

Monthly Guest Speakers


Do not miss the Upcoming Coffee with the Principal:

New Date Coming Soon. Stay tuned for the announcement of our upcoming event.




Our format for the Coffee with the Principal is as follows:

Part 1: 10 - 15 minutes meet/greet/coffee time

Part 2: 5 - 40 minutes presentations/meet our professional(s)/connect to Fairview

Part 3: 5 - 10 minutes of Q&A